Lent of Don't {3}

Don’t Give Up Junk Food.
Choose a neighbor or family member for whom you can cook a meal or bake a goodie. Spend your snacking time cooking and delivering.

Days 17-24, March 25- April 1st

After being busy, out of town, etc, etc. the 8 days of this Lenten practice will look a little different. Tomorrow is my day off. I am going to spend part of this day cooking and baking and delivering goodies. Praying for each goodie intentionally. Not letting myself off easy. Praying that this practice really does bring me closer to my Savior. Really does prepare me to celebrate the birth of Christ.
So 8 things to bake/cook. 8 families, friends, classmates to hand some homemade love to.
I can't wait.

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