life lately:

joshua has taken a recent love for books and "reading." up until about a month ago i struggled to get him to sit through 2 pages of any book. now he reads to himself and has me read to him all the time. his favorite by far is this singing elmo book. we literally read/ sing it about 20 times a day. today we walked to the bookstore down the street and bought him 3 new books :) so fun! 

since we found out we're having another boy, i've started planning his nursery. i came up with 2 different themes-- "little explorer" and "vintage safari." i think we settled on a combo of both with main colors being green and brown :) 

compared to about a week ago we've seen a major heat wave. it's been so nice to play outside & watch my little man explore. he's so independent & wants to do everything on his own. we've played in the dirt, played with sticks, went on walks, and really enjoyed the sun! 
{love that he'll hold my hand when we walk}

after a few tries, i've turned my $50 Craigslist dining room set into this beauty. 
i love it!!! 

made these Oatmeal Carmelita's  last night for manny's staff meeting. so good!

our kitchen reno is pretty much complete! i have a working dishwasher! it's AMAZING! 
i plan on doing another post soon about our whole kitchen transformation :) 

in other news, i'm starting to feel the baby more and more. 
manny might have even felt a little kick last night! 
we are so blessed. 

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  1. Yay for reading! And I love your nursery themes--how fun!