into the new year...

everybody's talking about resolutions and goals and all of that.
i'm thinking about the year that is to come. what will 2013 bring us?
never in a million years would i have thought 2012 would have brought us into our very own house! 
so who knows what will come this year...?

i'm just focusing on a few things:

  • let's finish the house 
  • have a baby 
  • read more
  • be intentional with 1 or 2 girls in our youth group 

most importantly though i want my life to be gospel-focused. i want every aspect: the house, the baby, the boy, the husband, the church, the youth group, the books, this blog, everything - i want it to point back to what Christ is doing in my life & how i can use every aspect of His grace to bring Him glory. 

that's all i want to focus on. 

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