my days.

ever since we actually moved into our house, my days have looked drastically different (than they looked prior to living in our own home...)

most days look the same.
most days i don't leave the house.
most days it's meals & naps & playtime & cleaning.

and i easily find myself thinking of how meaningless & boring & lame my days are...

it's easy for me to place my pride in the things of this world.
in work, school, and even the money i make.

but the Lord has literally stripped me of almost all of those.
i'm not taking any classes (nor do i plan to anytime soon) & work has waaaaaay slowed down.

it's just me & Joshua & this babe growing inside.

our days look the same.
our routine is pretty set.
and i question, how are we using our days to glorify the Lord? 

it's easy to just go through the motions of meals & naps & playtime.
it's easy to get bored & feel insignificant when i spend my days with someone who barely speaks.

most days, i let the routine and ideas of meaning set by the world rule my attitude...
i want to change. i need to change. 

Lord, change my heart. allow me to see ways to bring You glory in the everyday, in the routine & the naps & the meals. i want my life & the life of my babes to reflect Your love and grace. allow me to raise my boy to love You with his whole life. i know it starts now. i know it starts in the days just him & me, not leaving the house. give me patience for the hard days and grace everyday. thank You for providing and giving me these days. thank you for my precious boy & the babe growing inside. thank you for this gift of being their momma. thank you for this life.

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  1. Sweet friend. How I've spent many days in the very same place. I am praying alongside you and I know that you already know this, but He is faithful and He will show His purposes, in His time. And though your little guy is small, there is GREAT purpose in the small, the mundane, the insignificant. For what greater purpose is there than raising souls that might know their Jesus for eternity? He WILL give you His eyes as you move forward in obedience. I sure do love ya and you truly are one amazing Mama. No one else could do the things you do for your family, the way that you do... done with such a tender love. Keep it up sweet sister! :)