19 Weeks

19 weeks. and i'm finally starting to feel like a normal human being.

i've found my cure (sprite) or just enough time has past.

i'm not sure which one, but i've spent most of this week NOT SICK.

hallelujah. praise the Lord.

i can't even begin to explain to you how bad 12 weeks of super sickness, constant nausea, throwing up, and exhaustion can to do your spirit. let's just say last saturday got pretty bad... the only thing that i felt like i could keep down was some sprite. so manny graciously went to mickey d's and got me that $1 soda & it changed my life! every time i'm feeling a bit nauseous i just drink a small glass of that carbonated, sugary clear liquid and i feel like i can conquer the world.

hallelujah. praise the Lord. 

so now that i can think straight and have a bit of energy, let's talk about this babe growing in my belly...

i've felt him/her kick :) it started a little bit last week, just those funny feelings like 'is it indigestion or is something moving inside there' and last night i definitely felt this babe kick my belt. that is fun.

i'm not really showing... still wearing all regular clothes. my jeans are even too big & i have to wear a belt still.

next thursday is our ultrasound doctor's appointment! we get to found out! boy or girl?!?!?
everyone keeps asking what we want... really a healthy baby but we've said mostly we want a boy because he and josh will just be bff's and then i really don't need anything. but if it's a girl i would be thrilled! because you know, there are no girls in the pollard family (besides kaitlynn) so that would be really fun. and girls have way cuter clothes :)

it's very hard to believe that i'm close to halfway through this pregnancy. spending so much time sick really kept my mind off the joy of having a babe grow inside of me. and i think the fact that i'm barely showing just allows me to not remember most of the time.
but then when i think about it... i get a little scared. i'm pretty sure joshua is going to be very mad at me. he likes my attention. all of it. so that will be quite the adjustment i believe. i'm nervous about what it will be like caring for 2. for so long (ok 14 months) it's been just me and josh. when he was an infant we just hung out in peace and quiet, now that's he's *almost* a toddler we run and play and talk all day. with this new baby there will be so much less time just him & i... my attention will be split and josh will be used to all the running and playing and talking and this babe will want to be held and nursed and quiet. i really don't know how it will go. but we'll all adjust and find a perfect place and time for each of these cute baby's needs.  

so little babe #2,
we are so excited to find out if you are a boy or a girl. i can't wait to start planning your nursery & pick out some cute new clothes for you (especially if you're a girl). i'm getting to excited to hold a tiny, tiny baby in my arms and cuddle you close. i'm praying that you keep growing and staying safe inside of there. i'm praying that your brother's heart is getting ready to share his momma and daddy. i'm praying that God's will be done in your life, every second of you life, from the moment you were conceived until the moment you are no longer on this earth.
little babe, i love you so. can't wait to meet you in about 5 more months!

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  1. You're so cute! ;)

    You guys need to come over again sometime. =)

    ~ Jen