Joshua Manuel: 6 months

My sweet boy. You are 6 months old. This is very hard to believe. We are half way through a year. Double this time and you will be one year old. My goodness. Honestly, everyday is just as great as the last... if not better. 
Sure, there were some difficult days... Like when you would feed for 2 minutes, pull off, scream your head off crying, and then latch back on like I'd never fed you one day in your life. Or when started screaming, like a high pitched bird or pterodactyl scream... And did it all day for like 3 days straight. {you still do it now, but in small doses so I'm dealing much better}  Yes, I've come to learn there are hard days, good days, bad days, and even great days. Through it all I am just so thankful for you. You are truly an amazing gift from God. I love everything about you.
This month you have become incredible mobile! You can roll just about everywhere. And if you don't roll there you get on you arch your back and scoot forward with your head. It's so crazy! You've also perfected "downward dog" and are getting more comfortable on your knees. Uncle Matthew was teaching you to army crawl. You did well for a while with him by your side, but you've since given up. We're starting to become very aware of what's on the floor & all the things you can reach.
 Another great thing about this month has been the weather! We've got to the park with Jackson, gone on many walks, sat outside with you in excersaucer on the deck, played with the grass and new leaves on the trees. It's all so fun.

We celebrated Easter this month. He is Risen! You looked VERY cute in your Easter outfit :)\ ~Thanks Tante Gretta!
 Mommy started a new job this month. It's been really great, but a lot of upfront work. The days have been going by at ultra-speed. Once we settle into a good grove it will about about 10-15hours a week. I really enjoy the work & I get to do it all from home! Such a blessing :)
 And lastly, you started solid food at the end of this month! 
First Food: Sweet Potatoes
First Impression: What the heck is this?
You were pretty confused, gagged quite a bit as you tried to figure out the whole swallowing thing...
But on your second day of sweet potatoes you did great! Totally loved it. No gagging. Awesome. 
{only have pictures of the first time}

 {those pictures are too funny!}
Joshua, you are just the sweetest boy. Everyone is so amazed at how friendly you are and you honestly smile at everything!
 We love you more and more everyday!
 Love, your Momma & Daddy

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