tuesday thoughts

i can't get it out of my head this morning...
manny and i were laying in bed. manny asked what i was thinking about... i said i was thinking about how i need to win the lottery. he asked why. well i replied, i need a new swimsuit and a new nursing bra. {my only none bikini swimsuit was streched to the max last summer when i wore it all pregnant and huge. and if you saw the condition of this nursing bra you would probably die}.
and his reply: just trust in the Lord.
trust in the Lord...? for a swimsuit & a new nursing bra?
trust in the Lord with ALL your heart. 
not just the part that worries about the health of my baby or the salvation of his heart.
not just the part that thinks about careers and futures and bills.
but the whole thing. even the part that thinks about this sweat stained, nasty looking bra.

also been thinking about mother's day...
i had a wonderful day.
friday- my hubby let me sleep in and brought me my favorite coffe :)
sunday- i had a delicious stuffed-french-toast- breakfast with my mom and family. church. lunch out with my mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, baby, and dani. then some relaxing. manny made a steak dinner. we watched the vow. plus i got some super fun gifts.
really a wonderful day to celebrate my beyond amazing mother & to be honored as a momma to my sweet Joshua.
but i know. mother's day is really hard for some people. and it's hard for me to reconcile my own joy & blessing with being sensitive and understanding to others that have a harder time.... i just don't know. 

the weather over the weekend- yuck.
but since it has been so lovely. long walks in the afternoon. park time with dear friends and our adorable babies. green grass. lots of mowing. sunshine streaming in through the windows. windows down. shorts. flip flops. bare feet baby toes. really. i just...
thank you Jesus. for this wonderful season. 

we just finished up our monday morning study for this semester. we study jonah the old fashioned way: no books or other peoples ideas, just questions and conversations. ladies talking it up around the coffee table. it was a change from last semester. such a great change. i am so thankful for these ladies and their hearts. their willingness to share and be vulnearble and ask each other the hard questions. and shout out to my boy- who slept like an angel every single study in the upstairs room. i'm one blessed momma!

speaking of that boy- he's all over the place! i would say 90% crawl. so cool to see how he's grown and developed. at his 6 month check up-
16lb 3oz- 23 percentile. 27 inches- 58 percentile. and a big head- 70 percentile. cried with his shots but as the nurse was walking out he was a-grinnin'!

since starting solid food i'm a little amazed at the amount of dirty clothes he has! between getting food all over the place and having the NASTIEST blow outs. i've got Joshua laundry up to my ears... one day i'll be really, really, really, really thankful for a washer/dryer in my house...

life is good. God is great. 
i am so thankful for this life.

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