literally, an answer to prayer...

i was lying in bed today thinking of all these amazing people in my life.
each and every one of them is literally an answer to a prayer. 
maybe it was prayer i prayed years ago, or just the other day. 
and with with most of them, my prayers were small, but His answer was big.

as i look at my wonderful friends i see God's faithfulness all around... 

most of my life i prayed for my future husband. 
a man of God. a man of character. someone to love like nothing else. 
the man of my dreams. 

in high school, i prayed for a Godly friend. 
one that would walk with me in my faith, challenge me, and hold me accountable. 
i also prayed for laughter. for a friend who i could have fun with. 

my first year in college, i prayed for just one true friend. just one. 

after we first got married, i prayed {and cried} for friend's who would walk alongside us. who were right in the same stage as us. one for manny, one for me. some sweet couple friends. 
~tyler & kaci~ 

after we met them & became close friends i prayed and begged the Lord to bless them with a baby, all in his perfect timing. 
today, i got to hold and kiss and love on that precious baby girl. God is so faithful. 

all along i prayed for our family. sometime. in His timing. our family. 

i remember feeling like i was doing this whole thing alone... all i needed was some advice! i prayed for women to walk this journey with. strong, prayerful, wise, loving, courageous. 
~mandy, amber, kacy, tara, dani, sarah, renae, sarah & so many others~

i prayed for a job. 
~jackson, indy, & jack~

i prayed for support. for community. 
~alethia church~ 

Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.
Psalm 36:5

there are so many more. so many answers to prayers. 
God is so faithful. 
His love is unending. 
i am so thankful. 

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  1. your blog is amazing! i love to read it and i too am thankful for our amazing friendship :)