4 miles w/ the jogging stroller. 2 firsts.

on the calendar --- 4 mile training run
{remember friends my fake race is just 1 week away}
also today --- manny playing golf with friend & prom
{yes, we're going to PRHS Prom... as chaperones}

manny's been working tons of overtime, like till 7pm every night this week.
which meant i was not getting any runs in. 
so my gracious sister-in-law let me borrow her jogging stroller. 
so i can get my runs in, even if manny is at work. 

so back to saturday morning...
beautiful spring day. manny out all morning. prom all evening.
let's do this. 
4 miles with the jogging stroller. 

{here we are ready to go}

the wind was pretty wicked. so i immediately put the sun/weather shade down. 
tried to pick the best route with the least amount of giant hills. 
tried to run well. and not walk every time i wanted to. 
first time ever with a jogging stroller. 

i could run with my baby- no sitter. 
joshua was comfy, warm, blocked from sun and wind. 
he even fell asleep around mile 3. 
it was very light.
had a handle in middle so i could hold the stroller with one hand & run with the other arm.

not my favorite
the front will was stationary, making it quite difficult to turn. 
{are all jogging strollers like this?}
the front easily got very jumping going downhill. 
was much more comfortable pushing/steering with my right arm, wish i could have done the pushing/ arm pumping equally with both arms. i think the right is going to be sore. 

i'm pretty darn exhausted. 
but i'm proud i did it.  
i'd never once ran with a jogging stroller before. 
4 miles is my longest run since my half when i was 16 weeks pregnant. 
i did walk up most hills... need to gain a little strength! 
didn't walk at all the last mile after i ran past a friends house & she cheered me on :)
i don't know if i'll rely on the jogging stroller for every long run, but i think it will be really nice to use on weekdays when i have time, but no one to watch joshua. 

{little man asleep under there}

{my view. aren't those little white socks adorable?}

{and we're done. and home.}

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  1. My jogging stroller has a fixed wheel as well--pretty brutal! Congrats on the great run!