Considering Lent... year 2

so here it is again. 40 days till easter. ash wednesday. the beginning of Lent.
i sit pondering what is the purpose of this old Catholic tradition. what does it mean in my life, in the life of my family. much to my surprise my husband was already planning on speaking on it to our youth group. sacrifice. giving something up. preparing your heart. focusing on Him.
and then i'm sitting on the couch reading my blog... because i don't remember much & i like to look back. and i find this. whoa. i honestly don't remember. and then my honesty in my failure... my lent of don't. and i'm so thankful for this silly blog that not too many people read, because it's not about others reading- it's about me remembering.
and then i'm reading what she says about What Lent Really Means...
and i hear my husband speak on sacrifice & focusing. and see him living example & giving up his iPhone. he's all in. preparing his heart for the day that means everything.
so this year for Lent i'm preparing my heart. i'm ready to lean on Him, to trust Him in my failing, to sacrifice & focus.
1. another Lent of Don't
8 days to read through the gospels
8 days of giving
8 goodies given to neighbors
8 days each given to intentionally pray for 8 people
8 hand written notes of love
2. giving up of facebook & fiction books- more time to focus on Him
3. making it way through her Easter Devotional- Trail to the Tree

Lord, prepare me. let this season grow me and change me. let it open my eyes more fully to Your love and grace. so thankful for this life. for this sacrificing and preparing.

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