Life Lately

my boy is so close to rolling over. it's pretty insane how awesome this kid is.

i started my 30 day shred on Jan. 1st. it 's Feb. 15th and i still have 4 more days to go.
whoops. it's okay... i have a baby.

monday... i lost my nike+ thing, i spent too much money at target, i burnt dinner.
then i had a mental breakdown.
my husband pushed me out the door so i could go for a run.
thank you dear husband.

that was my first run since I was like 20 weeks pregnant.
it was slow. it was only 1.67 miles. i am insanely sore.
but it was wonderful.

tuesday... was Valentines day: Love, LOVE party with the best of friends and kiddos. late afternoon nap with both my loves, dinner at our very favorite Chinese, Parenthood, chocolate ice cream, and a movie.
Loved spending lovely time with both my loves.

saturday... us Alethia Ladies are throwing a baby shower for Kaci dear & baby Jocelyn.
i think it's going to be out best shower yet!

since joshua got sick his goopy eye has been terrible.
so much green YUCK coming out of his eye.
i hate it.

baby laughs and smiles are my very favorite.

my baby break is over. Tupperware biz is back in business!
hit me up if you want some product or want to through a party!

i'm thanking God for all these gifts:
free laundry at my parents
long hair
my wonderful husband
winning {settlers}
pizza & a love cake with my very favorite family
an almost rolling boy
he grabs at everything
gas in the tank to get me where i need to be
handmade tutus
sewing machines {we'll see how i feel about this once i start these projects}
this miracle of a baby. seriously. babies are miracles. just look at that smile
plenty of 3-6 month clothes for my growing boy
that comfy bed
warm water & a washcloth to wash his goopy green eye
baby brother's basketball games
too many girl scout cookies
everyday love
feeling good
contentment with joy
God's provision every single day

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