well that was a bust...

right before Tahoe I started seeing some signs around Black Forest talking about a Farmer's Market
I called. Spot was only $30.
I thought it would be a great opportunity for Kaci & I to start "selling" all these crafts we've been creating...

We stayed up late and finished up projects.
We showed up at 7:45am.
We set up.
{at least our booth looked cute}

and then we sat...
said hi. ate tootsie rolls. were thankful for our supportive husbands, family members, and friends. talked to Pedro selling tameles next door. talked. talked about being pregnant!. and sat. and then packed up to go home.
we didn't sell one stinking thing.
welp. certainly the wrong market/demographic/everything.
but it was good practice. we have tons of stuff left.
we're going to a real craft fair in october. hopefully that will go much better.
{and if it doesn't we'll never speak of this ever again}
but here's some close-ups of our stuff:
Kaci's yarn wreaths

my cake stands & Kaci's framed word art and frame wreaths

Kaci's twine wreaths, my monogrammed cards, and button art

and my fabric flower hair clips & a hair clip holder (not pictured)

so that's it. not such a great way to spend a Saturday. but you live and learn.
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