Tuesday Thoughts

so have you heard of pinterest? well, if you haven't it is this great little website where you can easily "pin" every sort of picture, recipe, idea, craft to-do, etc into one place with the link attached right to it. purely genius if you ask me. my favorites bar was getting a little too crowded and difficult maneuver.
so i've been pinning away. all sorts of great things for this baby boy's room, for my dream house, and plenty of crafts i would love to do. Sherry over at YoungHouseLove and a couple other ladies are doing a "pinterest challenge." i couldn't listen to the instructional video because my comp's speakers don't work. but i think i get the gist of it- once a month actually create something you have pinned. i think i can do that. sounds like fun. now what to create???

in other news. 26 weeks pregnant. wow. less than 100 days to go. {97}. english hothouse cucumber size. ha!

hoping to go camping.

ikea opens tomorrow. yahoo. hopefully will get up there with some $$$ soon :)

currently reading~ spiritual parenting.

our baby's hearing is really starting to develop. Manny talked with him quite a bit last night. so unbelievably sweet. {i don't want to ever forget that.}

yesterday i ate. and ate. and ate. today i'm trying to better :) but, man i love tuna melts!

jackson is going through a phase= crying is more fun than... anything else. um, no thank you. and i'm not going to give you everything you want. so let the crying continue.

i still don't understand spacing on this stupid blog. and i'd still really love a new blog design. help, anyone? i'll pay you in crafts or cookies...

ok. i'm out of here.

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