no easy decision...

early this morning i read "photo albums are dead to us" ah. harsh.
but then i got to thinking...
yes, i love scrapbooking. but it is very time-consuming and rather expensive...
i really enjoy the clean look of the photo book.
but scrapbooking is my hobby, my outlet.
you can always gets a photo book half-off.
i've been doing a lot of other crafty things lately, putting my scrapbooking last on the list.
photo books are small, compact, and easier to look at.
i feel like i waste a lot when scrapbooking; extra printed pictures. letters such as q-z-x. paper. stickers. etc.
putting together a photo book is still fun.
as i strive to create a scrapbook for every year of our life, i only get more and more behind.
so the more i think about it. the more i think.
scrapbooking in my life is over for now. enter the photo book.

i will still be able to do the paper crafts i love via cards, etc. i won't waste or spend half as much. i'll {semi} quickly create a photo book online using probably snapfish and then wait till a half off deal comes to purchase it. yea, i think that sounds good for my life.

{i am completely aware how insane this post might sound... but seriously, for me this was no easy decision}

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  1. Kim. I can't agree more. Though I haven't quite had the bravery to enter the full photo book stage. I think I'm currently in the grieving process of scrapbooking lost. So in my mind, my compromise was to make extra space in photo books to still insert "scrapbook things" such as tickets and napkins and other useless crap I collect. :)
    You have inspired me!
    ~Jennifer (B.) Who will no longer be able to sit next to you at every event because you are a "P" and I am now an "A". ;-)