seems strange...

2:29pm - I turned in my last assignment. For my last class.
Until I can go back & finish my master's, post-baby.

Yea, it seems strange...
Strange that I am no longer a student {I've been one for over 17 years now}
Strange that I won't have to do homework while at work {What am I going to do?}
Strange that I won't have to think about school. ever. {What am I going to think about?}
Strange that I will have one more free night {yahoo!}
Strange that I am no longer a student... {said that already}

But seriously, this is a strange time for me. I mean I know I will be going back. Hopefully a year from now. But it's all very distant and not for sure.

So all I know is that right now I'm done with class, homework, staying up late, writing papers, dealing with learning team members, stress, professors, grades, procrastination, etc.

I think it's so strange, because I find so much of my identity in being a "student." I do well in the classroom. I enjoy being a student. I thrive under the pressure of a looming paper.
And now it's gone. over. done.

One chapter closes. Another opens. {I think it's called motherhood}

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