currently: october 2015

how warm it has been. soaking up as much sunshine & outside time as possible!

the precious one {for book club} and treasuring Christ when your hands are full 

waiting for:
pictures to download off my phone.

excited about:
going to see Gram with Manny & the kids this weekend.

trying to:
decide if we should do something fun for lunch today or just stay home...

working on:
trying to stay balanced with my job and the rest of life.

trader joe's pumpkin bars.

my vacuum. frequently. ha. needing to use the mop.

a beige sweater and floral shorts. i probably need to change. it's colder than i thought it would be.

the one year chronological bible study we are going to start with our small group.

to get the boys dressed and do the dishes.

listening to:
my boys watching Lion King in the living room & the leaves rustling in the fall breeze outside.

the laundry. almost done. 2 loads to fold.

dreaming of:
well... the beach, a day when all my kids are out of diapers, extra time to read, clean kitchen floors, going to see the krauses, Christmas time, hot coffee, the laundry magically folding itself. 

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