Asher Chronicles : the Asher mess

just last week....

I went to brush my teeth, he pushed the chair up to the kitchen counter, climbed up, opened a cabinet, got out the honey, got back down and proceeded to pour it out. all of it out. onto the floor and onto himself.

I was hanging a shelf in my bedroom and he was watching Elmo in the living room, next thing I know he is in my room holding the chocolate syrup bottle upside down. I retrace his steps and there are puddles and streams of chocolate syrup from in front of the fridge, into the living room, in the hallway, and into my room. thus far, this has been one of the very worst to clean up and my carpet is still stained.

I was feeding Kennedy to sleep and he and Josh were watching tv. I walk into the kitchen and he had poured out the entire jar of relish onto the kitchen floor.

I think I was feeding Kennedy again and forgot to lock the fridge; he opened the fridge and got out the syrup. he poured out a bottle of syrup onto the kitchen floor and was "skating" around the kitchen.

I went to the bathroom soon after making breakfast and he starting cracking eggs into the base of the blender and on the counter.

o that black eye? nobody really knows how he got it.
so if you ever wonder why my house looks they way it does, it's because I spend all my free time cleaning up "Asher messes" ... and one might think, I should just learn how to put things away better, but there are two other little people in this house who always need me and sometimes I just need to use the bathroom! Also, just bring Asher to your house for an hour or two and he will quickly expose all your weaknesses.

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  1. Oh sweet friend! I just love you! You are the best of mamas and you're doing a wonderful job. Our little people can just be CRAZY! I've called poison control of Solomon 3x this year. You are not alone. :) I love your life and all the best stories that you get to tell. :)