life lately...

i had such great blogging plans for November... 4 posts in the first week... and then nothing.
but moving on. 

life lately... 
my Asher man is almost 6 months old. so cute & chubby & cute. 

we've been talking a lot about baby Jesus born in Bethlehem. we went to say hi to baby Jesus and his mommy Mary at the little nativity set up on the corner by our house. now every time we drive by it Joshua says "hi baby Jesus" and tells him where we are going.

as part of Joshua's birthday celebration we spent the day with Jackson and went to the zoo. SO fun! 

November proved to have lots of warm days mixed in with some cold & snow.  on the warm days we went to the park and soaked up the sun and on the cold days Joshua displayed his love for snow.
{mostly eating it} but really he loves the snow.

as winter approaches {currently it's -9 out} we spend most of our days just me and these boys cooped up in the house. there are hard days but lots of joy. there are days when i can't wait for naps but also can't wait for them to wake up so i kiss those baby Asher cheeks and hear the funny things Joshua has to say. we're figuring each other out and loving each other through it all.

december is finally here. 
we've got lights {!!!} and stockings {!!!} and i'm pretty much done with my present shopping {!!!} 

life is good. 

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