2013 recap

2013. this year...
manny started a new position at Church Community Builder. my sister {kari} and Craig got married. we completed the kitchen renovation. we found out baby #2 was a boy. ella was born. my sister {karla} & dan got married. we took our youth kids on a ski retreat. i lost a job. i got a new job. we served with our youth group on numerous occasions. manny and i traveled to orlando for a work trip/ babymoon. we completed our bathroom renovation. our great friend {jeremy} and koren got married. we completed our basement renovation. ASHER WAS BORN! manny took joshua on a road trip to South Dakota to be with family and celebrate the life of his Grandma Pollard. manny took AlethiaYouth to San Diego on a mission trip. my mom and I took the boys to visit Gram. we celebrated 4 years of marriage. my brother john played his senior season of football for Palmer Ridge. manny turned 27! we painted and decorated Asher's nursery. Joshua got potty trained. Joshua turned 2! manny and i took the boys to see Gram. i turned 26!
we laughed. we played. we walked hard roads. we pressed into Jesus like never before. we learned a whole lot. we stayed up late. we rocked babies to sleep. we pushed strollers. we played at the colorado beaches. we visited with family. we made our house a home. we grew. we lived the gospel. we parented and disciplined. we loved. we gave kisses and hugs. we sang. we danced. we ate. we watched two precious boys grow. we marveled at this blessed life.

a look into 2013. a favorite picture from each month.

walking to breakfast. love living here.

taking a peek at his baby brother {in my belly}
park time.
on our babymoon
a boy & his "ham"
asher gray pollard. born 6.8.2013.
caught baby grins
my joy boys.
football season
wagon rides
joshie boy is 2!

merry christmas!
life is good. God is great.
this life is beyond the greatness.

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  1. Kim, I love to read your posts. You are such a good momma with such a positive perspective. You are an inspiration of sweet and simple love of the little things in life which really are the big things in life!
    Amy Vanden Berg