Asher Gray: 6 months

Asher Gray, 
6 months already. It seems impossible that you have lived for half a year. But it also seems like you have been a part of this family forever. You are loved and cherished, my boy. You are sweet and cuddly. You are smiley and a pretty good sleeper. You do not like to sleep anywhere besides your crib. You are pretty ticklish. You get compliments on your cuteness daily, sometimes hourly.
Those eyes. Those cheeks. 
Who can resist? 

This month we went to visit Gram with Daddy & Joshua. 
You were such a good boy & made the trip so easy. 

You are very good at sitting up by yourself. Unlike your brother, you aren't super mobile at this point. You are happy to sit up and play, lay on your back and play for a while, be held, and then go back to sleep.

You sure do love your brother though. He is making you very tough... You often get hit, poked, accidentally knocked over, books thrown towards your head, hair pulled, sat on, and all over big toddler brother tortured... But you take it like a champ and hardly even cry.

Most of the time you sleep on your back. Every once in a while you will fall asleep on your stomach, though I believe you have figured out you just don't like that. Lately, I've seen you curled up on your side, sucking your thumb. My goodness, how are you so cute?! 

 Another holiday in the books- Thanksgiving!
We are beyond thankful for you, Asher Gray Pollard.

You also are officially the most kissable baby in the entire world! 
I have never met a baby who loves kisses more than you. 

6 month STATS- 
Weight- 19.7 lbs, 85%
Height- 29.3 in, 100%
Head Circumference- 17.5 in, 81%
Size 3 diapers
9-12 month clothes

We love you Asher Gray. Thank you for your smiles and kisses. You are such a blessing to this family. You give laughter and love like no one else! 
we love you more and more every day!
love, your momma 

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