Over the mountains and through the woods...

to Gram's house we go!

my mom, Joshua, Asher, and i took a little trip to see Gram.

 traveling and hotel-staying with a toddler and newborn weren't the easiest, 
but what a blessing it is to see Gram love on her newest GREAT-GREAT-grandson and laugh with her Joshie!

Gram pushed Asher around on her walker and showed him off to all her friends and neighbors. 
Asher flashed that newborn grin for her more than anyone!

we threw bread (and rocks) to the fishies and saw a deer and 2 fawns. 

we ate fried chicken and ice cream at Uncle Jerry & Aunt Sue's 
Josh played in the mud, explored their garden and got scared of the chickens. 

we love our Gram!

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  1. This is so precious!
    How fun! :)
    Your little babes melt my heart <3