4 years

i keep thinking back to myself and how i thought our lives would be at this point... 
never would i have thought that in 4 years we would have:
had 2 babies
bought a little green house in Monument
help start a church
buy the cars we bought 
work the jobs we've worked
traveled to the places we've seen 
moved 5 times
struggled through what we've been through
or known such great joy!

these four years have gone by quickly &
i am so thankful for each day we spend together!
 .this adventure is better than i could have ever imagined.

i can't wait to see what the next four, twenty, and fifty years bring! 
Manny,  you are beyond the greatness.
i love you too much. 
Happy 4 Years!!!
{see what i wrote for our 2 year & 3 year anniversary}

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! You have just the sweetest lil family. I love getting to follow along from afar! :)