tuesday thoughts

 been a while since i've had some tuesday thoughts... 
joshua finally ate a regular breakfast this morning! 
i was literally singing praises for the rice cereal/ applesauce breakfast he ate. 
it's been just over a week since he threw up for the first time {at red robin. all over me.}
he really hasn't had much of an appetite since then. 
but then this morning he ate a regular breakfast. 
cute boy eating peaches (before sickness)
the other day my dear friend amanda showed me her lastest sewing project. 
it inspired me. 
i broke out my sewing machine for the first time in months. 
and sewed one pillow cover {for joshua's nusery}
and turned 1 curtain panel into 2 {for our master bedroom}
so glad i finally got those things done. 

i've also been extremely motivated to organize. 
there is so much stuff. 
and most of this stuff hasn't even been looked at since we moved here {one year ago}
so i'm going through everything. 
organizing and figuring out if we should keep it or toss it. 
{don't worry Manny, i'm not touching any of your stuff}
hanging out. skipping church with my sick boy.
so i lost my camera. hence the not so great itouch pictures. 
i have no idea how i'm going to afford to get a new one. 
my plan- sell some of that stuff i don't need. 
hopefully people want my stuff. 
i really want a new camera. 
smiley boy. {picture quality so low, need.new.camera.}
it seems like the weather is starting to turn...
all these people "i love fall bLAH BLAh BlAh"
i have no desire for summer to end. 
i hate being cold. 
i like summer. i like being warm. 
joshua doesn't have any clothes to wear for fall. 
stay summer forever!
{manny told me i live in the wrong state... i think he's right}
angel baby glowing the glory of God's light. {haha}

joshua grew three inches over the last few months. 
all of his pajamas are too small. 
poor kid. trying to squeeze his toes into too short sleepers. 
and i can't find any 12mo sleepers for a decent price. ah!
sweet boy fell asleep in my arms

i think that's all i've got for today. 
going to go reorganize my craft supplies/storage/area. 
want to buy my desk???

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