Joshua Manuel: 9 months

We can just call this month "Milestone Month"
I'm literally amazed at all the things you learned and mastered this month!

Let's take a quick inventory... 

You went from crawling/ laying on the floor to a sitting position.

You pulled yourself up in your crib ... and then on all the furniture, walls, and surfaces possible.

You learned to dance.

You said your first word- Dada ... and now you say it all the time.

You learned to wave bye-bye.

You took your first steps ... and now you want to walk everywhere. no fear.

You went from army crawling to big boy-up on all fours-crawling.

You are starting to clap more and on purpose, especially when I sing to you.

You got your first 2 teeth!
Another milestone, you spent your first night(s) away from mommy & daddy!
We took AlethiaYouth to Joplin, MO for our first missions trip! 26 students & 9 leaders. We did lots of landscaping and hard work in the hot hot heat. You played and played and played with Kma, Opa, Auntie Karla & Uncle Johnny. It was incredibly hard leaving you, but I knew you were just going to have a blast. We got to facetime quite often and Kma sent lots of pictures. Kma and Uncle Johnny did get the flu, but you took good care of them.

Speaking of the flu, you and I got flu the week before we left. You seriously threw up {not spit up} 3 times in one night. It was incredibly scary for this first time momma and I felt so inadequate. But you really just threw up and were extra sleepy but not incredibly sad or upset. I found it very funny that you had such an aversion to watermelon {which you formerly loved} after throwing it up. I mean it made sense, but I was surprised that at such a young age you knew!

In other news...
Your favorite toy is the music table. You really don't need any other toys right now.

You put everything in your mouth! every.single.thing.
You also get into everything. drawers, cords, outlets, paper, tupperware, everything.
You're eating lots of food. You especially love peas and blueberries! 

We went on a fun hike with Kma, Opa, Unlce Johnny, Aunt Inge, and Jake.

We also went to the lake while they were here visiting. You LOVED the water!
You just giggled and splashed and tried to swim the whole time. You also ate quite a bit of sand. yum.

9 month stats: 
Diaper size- 3
Clothing size- 6-9months
Weight- around 18 pounds
Shoe size- ??? your feet are too fat to fit in any shoes!

still pretty much the same as last month...

This month has been great. I can't believe you are getting so big. Becoming so independent. 
I love hearing your giggle and saying Dada over and over again. 
You are such an adventurer and rarely cry when you fall down or hurt yourself. 
We are so thankful for every moment with you! 

we love you more and more everyday! 
love, momma & daddy

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