would you like to sit down for coffee?

this cute girl & i having coffee
let's chat a bit.
would you like some coffee?
i'll make it in my $13 coffee pot & i'll take mine with some french vanilla creamer {but not too much}. you? joshua is taking a nap. let's enjoy some quiet.

august is over. this month has been insane. i've cried a lot this month. i've looked to the future a lot this month. i've enjoyed my boy a lot this month. we've been away from home a lot this month. i've been working on my heart in my marriage a lot this month. this month has hurt.

but i'm thankful. i'm thankful for my family and my church. i'm thankful that our church can be the church and live out the love of Christ to those around it. i'm thankful that my boy makes me laugh every.single.hour. i'm thankful for so much. and yet it seems i can't find the right words.
maybe it's guilt. maybe it's pain. i really don't know.

and now it's september. my boy is 10 months old & i still don't have a camera & i feel insanely guilty that i'm missing every picture opportunity and there will be no record of this time and how he grew and what he learned and how he made us laugh.
and it's september and i'm learning that life just keeps moving. no matter who you are or what you've gone through or how you think you can't go on. life keeps going. and i don't know how that makes sense. shouldn't life stop? shouldn't she get a break?
and it's september. manny turns 26 next week. nicole and andrew get married. i've got dentist appointments. and need to get my hair done. need to do a lot of things.

i just want to be in His presence. in the glory of the Lord. is my life full of Him. or is it full of stuff and the world? because i know this house is full of stuff. i want it to glorify the Lord. i want my whole life to point towards Him and His saving power and love and grace and forgiveness. how do i get there? what do i do? what do i change? 

that's what i would say if we met for coffee...
what's on your heart today?

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