Joshua Manuel: 7 months

my o my, 7 months old.
you are growing and changing and learning and moving.
you are eating and pooping and sleeping and laughing and smiling.
you are friendly and happy.
you are so sweet. 
i love you more than you will ever know.

i would say the big story from this month ===> solid food!
you've been eating... sweet potatoes, avocado, peas & carrots, banana, applesauce, and rice cereal.
you really like avocado & peas :)
sometimes i let you feed yourself & make a mess. but more often i just feed you so that it's a bit easier on the cleanup.
ps. you HATE having your face wiped off. 
pss. i've found making your food pretty simple thus far :)

the other big story this month ===> crawling! 
it's still mostly an army crawl but you can get anywhere you want. and quickly. 
sometimes you get tired though and roll onto your back. 
i love seeing what intrigues you and what you crawl to find. 
i don't so much love having to vacuum more often, pick up more often, and check on you more often. 

this month you also got your second major sickness ===>
i thought you were just teething... cranky, not sleeping well, low fever. 
but after 4 days there were no teeth & you were just as miserable. 
so we took you to the doctor... double ear infection :(
i was sad you were sick, but so glad we figured out what it was and praised Jesus for modern medicine to make you feel better!
you're still taking meds now, but feeling much better! yahoo!

i just love that smile

we got into a pretty great schedule (minus the sickness times). wake up- between 7:00 and 7:30am
*nurse & eat rice cereal w/ apple or banana
nap- 9am-11am
*nurse & eat lunch
nap- 1:00-3pm
cat nap- 5pm-6pm
*nurse & eat dinner
***get ready for bed
night night- between 8:00 and 8:30pm
*sleep through the night!

and even though we try to stick to this schedule our lives are pretty crazy and you always adapt.
you're pro at falling asleep in your car seat. i just praise God for that everyday because it allows mommy and daddy to do a lot and not worry about you too much. you make driving anywhere pretty easy as you most of the time fall asleep. you've gotten extremely distracted when nursing and it sometimes gets very frustrating for me, but i'm trying to remember it's what is best for you & to be patient :)
trying on uncle johnny's football helmet

you are such a thinker!
and you get the cutest face when you do it :)

weight: 16.2 lbs
diapers: size 3
clothes: large 3-6mo or smaller 6-9mo
 teeth: none

my joshie, my joshie. i love you, my joshie. 
everyday you make me laugh and fill my heart. 
we are so thankful for you.
we love you more and more everyday!
love always, 
your momma & daddy

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