tuesday thoughts

from yesterday to today... i'm doing a bit better. 

i don't know much. 
but i do know that i have a wonderful husband that speaks truth into my life even when it's hard to hear. even when it's not what i want to hear. he just speaks truth. and i am grateful for that. 

i do know that i have a wonderful momma. she's so supportive & helpful & wonderful. seriously. 

i do know that i just want to know Jesus more. i want to be secure in His promises and who He made me to be... as Joshua's momma, as Manny's wife, as a friend, daughter, and sister. 

i do know that my baby is a precious gift from above & i want to cherish each one of these moments. even the hard ones. because soon i won't be holding him all day while trying to do everything. soon he won't sleep on my shoulder when i get him out of his car seat. soon he won't laugh every time i take off his shirt. soon he won't smile every.single.time i just look at him. soon he won't want to listen to me sing to him. so many things are special to this time and this age and this moment. and all of them are just precious gifts from our gracious Father. and i want to cherish each one in thankfulness knowing that it's because of God's love that i'm even able to love this sweet baby boy. 

so that's where i'm at today... 

in other news. 

my nike+ and i have reconnected. i love that lady telling me how far i've run, how fast slow i've been going. etc.  yesterday: 2.00 miles. 21:57. pace 10:58 per mile. calories burned 314. it's slow and not too far. but i did it. 

one thing i'm not loving about running in this new neighborhood... all the stinking hills! no matter which way i go or where i run i'm always running more than one hill. and i still haven't figured out a good 1 mile loop. at our first house there was a perfect 1 mile loop. gradual uphill first half, gradual downhill second half. i would run that loop over and over and over. now i'm just running up and down random streets trying to find something that's not a giant hill. so far, no luck. maybe today... 

my new thing- sweet potato fries. so good. so easy. just 1 sweet potato cut into something that resembles fries, olive oil & any random seasoning i feel like, oven at 450 for like 40 minutes. SO GOOD

i need to start using my calendar better. my mind cannot keep track of everything that is going on. 

joshua woke up at 6:15 this morning. no thank you

so i'm going to take a nap. adios

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