Tuesday Thoughts

{insert Random}

+ I'm ready to tell. sick of WAITING. but still waiting on one thing.

+ I really would like to CHANGE the look of my blog.

+ Jackson & I are going to TODDLER TIME at the Library and to Chic-fil-a today!!!!

+ I ran 11 miles last weekend. 12 this weekend. I really wish my race was NOT 5 weeks away.

+ BUT I am really excited for my race. 8,000 participants. FLAT course. yea.

+ Going to SUESSICAL to support one of the girls in our youth group on Saturday.

+ Is is get WARMER? spring anyone? minus the wind please.

+ Next month- NEW car. seriously.can.not.wait.

+ I need a new book to READ.

+ Kinda sad I couldn't get myself into reading all the Harry Potters... My fault I watched ALL the movies.

+ Manny and I WILL go on vacation before *whatever* happens, happens.

+ There are a LOT of unknowns in our life right now.

+ For the most part, I'm OKAY with that.

+ Sometimes I wish my dreams came true, other times I do NOT.

+ Only 1 hour and 15 minutes till Jackson and I break FREE and drive into town! Yahoo.

+ I need to get my DISCIPLINE back. for real.


  1. Friend! I just read on Kacy's blog that you're expecting!!!! I'm SO excited for you! I'm not sure it's public knowledge yet...so I'll keep quiet till it's known. But know that I am so very happy for you and Manny!

  2. Haha. That thing I was waiting for {reference blog post} was that picture so that it could be public!!! So yea, go ahead and tell anyone you know! ha. really you don't have to.

    But thanks! We're so very excited!