Happy 27th Birthday to my Greatness!

you just turned 27. i officially feel like you are old. you are no longer the young youth pastor. you're just the youth pastor. {and a darn good one, but still just a little old}. but 27 looks good on you.
we may be tired and worn out parents of 2 young boys. we may be the busiest people in the world.
but 27 looks good. you lead our family with confidence and joy. you work hard. you willingly help me do things you would probably never do on your own. you love on a bunch of middle schoolers and high schoolers better than most. you listen and love that crazy wife of yours better than anyone in the world. you make me laugh every single day. you parent well. you seek after God with all you've got. you are constantly learning. you selflessly help lead our church. you are the best friend to so many. you make this life so wonderful.
i am so thankful for you. for your wisdom and love and humor.

Happy 27th Birthday my Greatness.
i love you!

ps. i kind of hate this picture. but this is life when you turned 27. late night picture. tired eyes. baby on hip. just put the other boy in bed. about to collapse on the couch. i love this life.

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