Joshua Manuel: 4 months

4 months old. how cool is that? you are such a happy boy! even though you got real sick with bronciolitis you stayed pretty happy and smiley. this momma is very thankful for that. not to say that this month didn't have it's trying days, because it sure as heck did. but overall... you're a great
baby- so happy, so ticklish, so smiley!

this month...
- you rolled from your tummy to your back. exactly 2 times. then you got sick and we all kind of
gave up.

- you are super close to rolling from back to tummy.
-you sleep almost exclusively on your side now.
- with all the rolling going on i stopped swaddling you :( it was a little sad for this momma.
- we celebrated valentine's day with friend in the morning & then went to chinese with daddy and momma.
-we went to a lot of uncle johnny's basketball games. you slept a little, watched a little, and everyone just thought you were so cute!
- you have a really hard time falling asleep if we have friends over. too much fun for sleeping time!
- early on in the month you found your hands. hard to ever move them from your mouth!

- later this month you found you feet! now your favorite game is pulling off your socks & getting
those toes into your mouth. i think you'll be quite happy when it's summer and you don't have to
wear socks anymore.
- you grew out of size 1 diapers
- you are exclusively in size 3-6 months
- everyone talks about how big you are. but at your last appointment you were just in the 50th percentile for height and weight. just about average. and i'm totally ok with that.
- we've been having lots of fun with jackson. he shares his toys, makes you laugh, and even reads to you :) quite cute!

- i can tell you are getting older... you don't want to sleep all day... it's been a bit of a challenge trying to figure out what you want/ what's best for you in the evening... sleep more, sleep longer, or just be awake and cranky??... who knows, but we're figuring it out...
- you are insanely ticklish and laugh so adorably.
- Kma probably makes you laugh the most. probably because she laughs at you the most. i love the special relationship you two have :)
- your sickness was no fun. breathing treatments. saline nose drops. the worst goopy eye. nose sucker. yuck! but you were a trooper through it all.

- your favorite toy is "gaffy" the giraffe. {daddy named him}
- really, you just like to put everything and anything into your mouth, including anyone's hand!
- we spent the night in golden with Jason, Shauna, and Evie. we put you in the pea pod we borrowed from Aunt Christine and you wiggled yourself out! next time we better zip it up.
- Daddy is the best at rescuing you when Mommy is too tired to do anything... one day you should thank him...
- and lastly, on February 29th {leap day} you got a new cousin!!! Timothy James Pollard. he was a few weeks early, but we figure he just wanted to be as close to you in age as possible :)
- we love you more and more everyday!
it is so fun to be your momma. i love our little schedule: wake up around 7:30am. eat. watch the today show. nap time. {sometimes i take a nap too} wake up. eat. play. watch momma eat. nap time. wake up. eat. daddy's home! play and hang out. sometimes see people, go to bible study, or AlethiaYouth, or whatever. sometimes another little nap. then eat and back to sleep around 9:30 or 10pm. there's a lot of other stuff in there too, like cleaning, monday morning study, grocery shopping, tupperware errands, walks, work outs, reading together, and a bunch of other stuff... but life is good. i'm so thankful for every little smile, giggle, and grin. my absolute favorite thing is this little scrunch nose thing you do when you are happy or excited. it is so cute! i seriously can barely stand it. you are such a perfect miracle. Momma and Daddy are thanking God for every second of this blessed life with you as our son.

We love you. Too much.
Love, your Momma

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