Tuesday Thoughts [on a Wednesday]

Yesterday, I did homework instead of blog. Good job me.

I also had a ***serious pregnancy brain right now, can't think of the right word*** Ok, let's just say I got the crafting bug yesterday. Left work, went to wal-mart, and got 4 cans of spray paint for some different projects.
As soon as I got home I got to work. And 2 hours later was pretty discouraged. Nothing I had planned to work out, worked out the way I had hoped. I was trying the cheap wal-mart spray paint (96cents cheap) and it sucked! So lesson learned, spend $3.46 on the good stuff. Ugh, so those frames look ugly. The paper I mod-podged turned out ugly. The cake stands... I don't know yet. I'll be finishing that one tomorrow. Hopefully not ugly. But I'm really liking the buttons, I ordered 400 more today.

Really, I would just love one completed project. really.

Friday we are heading up to Vail/Beaver Creek for the Tough Mudder. Seriously if my husband {and 10 of his close friends} are alive by Saturday at noon, I will be suprised. This obstacle course/ race is INSANE. Watch INSANE video of race here. Pray for my dear husband please.

Pregnant moment of the day: I ate 2 hot dogs in wheat bread for lunch.

I would really, really like a new blog layout.

Yesterday, Jackson and I had a lovely walk to the park. 2 hours in the sunshine. I love summer.

Praying for my dear friend Nicole as she is on an mission trip in Nepal, leading a group of college students through the mountains.

I'll be leading the devotional/ bible study tonight for our youth group... Should be fun.

running out of thoughts. adios.

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