20 Weeks

ok really, I'm 21 weeks as of today. But I thought doing a 20 week update sounded better & this picture was taken in the 20th week...

Halfway through my pregnancy?!?! Seriously. That sounds crazy.

So excited to know it's a BOY. Now I just need to get into the habit of calling him a "him" and not an "it."

I've been feeling little flutters, movements, etc for a couple weeks now... But it is so little I hardly know if I'm feeling him kick or just having a muscle spasm or indigestion...

I've gained about 6lbs so far. Feeling pretty good about that.

At our last doctor's appointment both baby and I checked out healthy and normal on everything. Praise God.

Physically I'm feeling... A LOT:

- a little bit of movement

- achiness in my lower abs and sides {as I grow}

- heartburn {for the first time ever}

- occasional dizziness

- tailbone ache when I don't sit on something padded

- nasal congestion

- sensitive gums that bleed when I brush

- leg cramps {multiple times every night}

- mild swelling of feet every once and a while

{it seems like a lot, but really it's not and I'm just glad I've stopped throwing up!}

Emotionally I'm feeling...

- moody as always

- SO forgetful!!! and just dumb...

- pretty scared about being really for this baby... Our good friend Kellie had her baby today! Yahoo! And I'm just feeling so not ready to be there! But I know I will be when the time comes...

Spiritually I'm feeling...

- so thankful

- a little overwhelmed with the heaviness of the reality that it is up to Manny and I to raise this boy to be a man of God...

So that's where I'm at...

Getting excited about planning his room & registering :)

More on that later!

Baby Boy: Your dad {happy almost first father's day Manny} and I love you so much. I love that we can call you our son. I'm excited to see what you look ~ blonde hair? Yes. ~ I'm excited to decorate your room & make it so unbelievably cute. I'm excited to keep looking more and more pregnant :) But really, I'm so excited to meet you. And a little glad that I have four more months to get ready. All my love.

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