Brooks George: 1 month

Brooks George,
You've been a part of our family for ONE MONTH! We've been a family of SIX for one whole month! In all honesty, things have gone much smoother than I thought they would. You are very good baby. You eat, sleep and fill your diaper just like a newborn baby is supposed to. We were so very surprised when you made your entrance into the world 16 days before your due date! We are truly just in love with you! 


Meeting your brothers and sister did not happen until we got home from the hospital because Kennedy and Joshua were not feeling very well. Right when you got home Joshua said, "Why is it so red?" So funny! He loves you as his brother but is not very interested in your baby ways. When we were at the hospital, Kma asked Joshua what your nickname should be, without missing a beat Josh replied "Brooks-schnauzer!" He claimed that for a few days and finally told us it was from the movie "Beethoven." Asher is so in very love! He wants to hold you and rub his cheek on your soft head all the time. He is quick to try and calm you when you are sad and loves to help me and be close to you at all times. Kennedy loves you. She likes to help Momma change your diaper and pump/get you a bottle. When I am holding you, she often holds one of her babies and always wants to know where you are. 

Like most boy babies born at 37 weeks you had a little trouble figuring out the nursing thing and gaining weight but were never fussy. We had to do a couple extra weight checks with the pediatrician and some extra feedings, but by your one month appointment the doctor was pleased with your weight gain. And even though you are gaining weight, you are still by far our smallest baby. Our little peanut! 

One Month Stats: 
Height- 21.5in, 34%
Weight- 8lbs 13oz, 12%
Newborn Clothes
Size 1 Diapers 

You are a champ at sleeping swaddled in your room. You are doing great sleeping at night and I usually feed you at 10:30pm and then again around 2-3am then around 7am. Yahoo for sleep! Right away you were a talker - lots of grunting and noises - but very little crying.  Early on you cried and cried every time you were in the car, but now you are doing much better. We often call you Baby Brooks, Brooksie, and Mr. Brooks. We are so very thankful you have completed this family. We've enjoyed the time to focus on us six and watch lots of fun movies ;) This past month has just been grace upon grace. Even though we dealt with some sickness, having Daddy home for 2 whole weeks and me being able to talk off 6 weeks of work has been such a blessing. We can't wait to see your smiles and hear your laugh. We are praying for you grow strong in the Lord and love Him with your whole heart. 

We love more & more every day! 
your Momma 

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