Kennedy Maren: 3 months

Kennedy Girl,
3 months old. Lots to say. The CUTEST dimple on your right cheek. Hair all falling out. Hot bottles only. Adorable clothes. Sweet cuddles. Long days. No more oxygen! Growing out of 3 month clothes. Lots of grace. Lots of love...

Sweet girl,
This month it eventually stopped raining & summer came to greet us with sunshine and happy, Daddy traveled some more, we found 4 kittens under our house and have all become obsessed with them, you passed your third overnight oxygen study, we celebrated Asher's 2nd birthday, and you starting giggling for real.

Some of your favorite things:
  • watching your brothers play
  • hanging out in the Moby during work 
  • morning naps
  • pooping on Sundays 
  • talking to Kma
  • crying between 4-5pm 
  • sleeping from 7:30pm-5am {PRAISE}
  • your hands in your mouth
Some of your least favorite things:
  • lukewarm bottles
  • when Asher sits on you when you are in your chair (understandable!)
  • lunch time - because often, we get home & I have to get your brothers lunch first and then feed you
  • afternoon naps
  • when the car stops moving

We are so blessed by you easy personality most of the day, your ability to sleep!, your sweet smiles & cuddles, and your chunky thighs and rolls. You are such a big girl! You are strong and hold your head up like a champ. You have even started trying to sit up while in your car seat. Your brothers are mildly obsessed with you. Asher is always concerned about your whereabouts and recently starting giving you the sweetest kisses. Joshua is quick to help and often wants to "hold his baby sister." I absolutely adore dressing you in all these cute clothes. I love kissing those cheeks. My favorite time of the day is after I put your brothers to bed, the house is quiet,  you are all swaddled up, you eat, fall asleep and then just rest in my arms and on my shoulder for a while. I just soak up that time. Soak in your sweetness and greatness. Praying for what lies ahead and thanking the Lord for my sweet, sweet girl.

we love you more and more everyday! 
your momma & daddy

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