currently: june 2014

summer time. i'm so very thankful for the warm days, time spent outside, the sunshine. seriously loving it.

just trying to get caught up in my 1-year Bible...

waiting for:
a less exhausting season of motherhood???

excited about:
the lack of weeds in my yard. {got manny a weed whacker for Father's Day & he already put it to use! no more 4 foot weeds!}

trying to:
not stress about the upcoming week. trying to enjoy the rest of today.

working on:
this blog post? haha. also a new game on my phone. two dots. haha.

where manny & i are. good communication. just a good season for our marriage. thankful!
lots of bubbles, chalk, and the kiddie pool!

church clothes. wishing i was in shorts & a sweatshirt. 

my week. meals, play dates, meetings, church stuff, family time, etc, etc.

to organize the office.

listening To:
manny watch the NBA finals game. i love basketball, NOT.

laundry. so much laundry. all. the. time.

dreaming of:
a day where our best friends aren't moving across the country in less than a month. BOO.

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