Asher Gray: 10 months

 Hey Big Boy,
10 months. That seems far too old. You are just a BABY. You say- No way mom! I can crawl everywhere, pull up on everything, & I have 4 teeth now! This month, you officially moved from 3 naps to 2. You gained 3 new teeth, 1 on the bottom & the 2 upper "lateral incisors" and the upper middle left is not far behind! You're starting to eat more (kind of). You really like anything made with white flour. Really awesome... Not so much for this food controlling mother... God is telling me to GIVE.IT.UP! So I'm working on that & you eat lots of bread, sweet potatoes, and instant oatmeal. The weather is warming up some & then it snows a lot. But every chance we get we play outside or go for a walk. You like the swings at the park and are always content on a walk. Your brother is still the coolest dude around in your eyes. Now that you can crawl to his toys and cup we are working on sharing and speaking in a kind voice (for Josh), but we are all learning :)

I love seeing what intrigues you- usually paper & balls. You also can play with a toy car like a big, big boy. You love sleeping with your blankie & only suck your thumb when going to sleep. Unfortunately, you got your first major sickness- a double ear infection. The running nose and a cough are still kind of lingering and I would be very happy if they went away sometime soon! But you are so happy most of the time no one would ever know you were sick.
 You are a joy. You love to hang upside down and giggle. You think Blitz is very interesting. You fit on my hip like you were made to sit there. You kind of say dada and when you are sad kind of say mama. But I'm not calling any first words just yet. You sleep every night 6:45pm to 7:30am. Your hair is getting longer and you love pulling off your socks. Sometimes you do the funniest things and we all just think, I can't wait to see what this kid is like!
Asher, we love you way too much! 
 love always, your momma & daddy

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