Asher Gray: 4 months

Hey there my Asher man, 
At four months you are happy, chubby, and all around cuteness. We've gotten the essentials down- eating & sleeping- and now we are starting to see more of your personality and truly just enjoying you. You are easy-going and happy 98% of the time. Even when your brother tickles you *a little too hard* or hugs you *out of your chair* you never complain and just go with the flow. Your laugh is positively wonderful! You've gotten much quicker when it comes to nursing- thank you! 
We dropped your dream feed and even though you have been getting up randomly at 4am I'm thankful I can go to bed earlier. And I think this waking up business is because of the little cough/cold you picked up from your brother. Hoping it passes soon! But even with the sickness, you are just happy. 
 Our schedule hasn't changed much. And you still hate sleeping in your car seat. You still hang out in the moby wrap pretty often. You've been in this really awesome stage where you poop out of your diaper every.single.time- not so awesome. 

 4 month STATS:
Weight- 17.5 lbs - 87%
Height- 27 in. - 99%
Head Circumference- 17 in - 90%
Size 2 diapers
{growing out of} 6 month clothes

Asher man {that is what I call you 90% of the time} you are so loved! It feels like you have been a part of this family for so long. I love your squeal and kissable cheeks and double chin. I love that I have to clean your neck rolls. I love singing you your song as I put you in your crib and seeing you just flash that lovely grin. You smile with your whole being. I pray you are always filled with the joy of the Lord and that you use your easy-going nature to bless everyone around you as you grow. 

we love you more and more every day! 
love, your momma

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