Adventures in Parenting: poop on the foot

This parenting thing can be difficult, frustrating, fun, crazy, and pretty much every adjective out there! As Manny and I navigate this journey there moments I don't want to forget- hard ones, funny ones, ones that make me want to cry. 
But I blog so that I don't forget and today I don't want to forget... the time Joshua pooped on Manny's foot! 
We had just gotten back from a morning of swimming at the lake for the AY camping trip. Joshua was taking a bath and Manny had just gotten out of the shower. Manny sat down on the step outside the bathroom in his towel to chat with us. Joshua, always wanting to be just like his daddy, insisted that bath time be over and he go sit in his towel next to Daddy. Manny and I kept talking and just hanging out when I saw *the face* - the *i'm pooping face.*
"Manny grab Josh!" as Manny lifts Joshua from where he was standing in the hallway to me in the bathroom... plop. 
Joshua's poop landed on Manny's foot. 
Just like that there is poop on Manny's foot and I'm trying not to die of laughter and Manny's trying not to vomit and Joshua is trying to figure out why he is sitting on the toilet. He finishes pooping {on the toilet} and we just cheer and laugh. Because our boy just *sort of* pooped on the potty & there is poop on Manny's foot.  


  1. Glad you were all together to make it fun! I think all if my negative parenting moments revolve around poop!

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