34 Weeks

 in a little over a month we get to meet this very wonderful baby boy! 
how exciting is that?!
how frightening is that?!

this past month has been crazy busy. 
and as i remembered, weeks 30-34 were the same with my pregnancy with joshua- read here!
funny to think on that time ;) 

but this month: 
i'm looking more and more and more pregnant and gigantic :)
the lawn company i was working for was sold, so i worked a lot to help with the transition. 
as that job ended, a new one came & i am blessed to say i am now employed by a lawyer! 
working from home, 10ish hours a week, super huge blessing & a really good fit i think
we had some really great AlethiaYouth events
joshua, manny, and i all got a 24 hour stomach bug :( 
i spent a lot of time prepping and crafting for their awesome, beautiful day
we had a blast visiting and spending time with family that we don't get to see often enough
manny went on a business trip to orlando 
& i flew to meet him at the end of his conference and we enjoyed 4 days in the sunshine, childless :) 
joshua spent 4 days with Kma & Opa! 
it snowed a lot
there were some nice days of sunshine {such as today}
i ate a lot of chocolate chip cookies
2 more babies were born at Alethia

next month includes: 
another wedding!
manny's half marathon 
a baby shower
AlethiaYouth's Mission Dinner & Auction
our official last day of working/ playing with Jackson 
lots of birthdays 
and possibly meeting our second baby boy! 

baby boy #2: 
you are a crazy mover! you kick me in the ribs o-so-very often and you like to hang out on the right side of belly. you are growing big and strong and healthy. i am so thankful i was able to fly to orlando and spend some time with just your daddy before you came. thanks for not making a surprise entrance or something crazy while i was thousands of miles from home! i have ideas for your nursery circulating in my head. plans for a finished basement & bathroom are in the works, but i have no doubt that no matter what you come home to you will be so loved and cherished by your brother, your daddy, and me. i can't wait to see what you look like & how you and your brother react to each other. i think having a "summer baby" will be so fun. and i can't wait to take you on walks around our great little town. baby #2 you are so loved already. we can't wait to meet you! 
love you more than you'll ever know, 
your momma

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