29 Weeks

here we are at 29 weeks! 
into the 3rd trimester! 
my o my it is going fast. 

all of the sudden i kind of feel like a whale. everything is just getting bigger! 
i'm currently eating lots of chocolate chip cookies (maybe that's why i feel like a whale...) & trying my hardest to stay away from pringles. 
i'm still sleeping pretty well. so thankful for that!
the heartburn & sciatica are not constant, which is nice. 
i'm pretty much always exhausted. 
bending over is getting really difficult. 
i felt the baby have the hiccups for the first time! 
manny and i booked a "babymoon" of sorts for the end of April- going to Orlando after he's been there for a work conference to relax & enjoy the warmth!

baby #2, 
we are so very excited to meet you. at times, 11 weeks seems like an eternity & at other times, it feels like it is way too close. i'm praying for your health, your heart, your mind, and your life. that God may be a part of it all. that you would love Him like no other. that your life would be a reflection of His greatness.
we love o-so-very-much.

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