the nursery!

it only took a year... 
but here is joshua's nursery! 
i talked about what it would look like. 
i worked on a lot of different project for this year. 
i really love his nursery. 

i talked about the layout/ floor plan. 
we ended up moving to a new place so his room actually looked like this: 
{sorry for the over exposed picture} 
i talked about an ABC wall. 
this is by far my favorite part of his nursery!
 some letters i bought. and a lot i made. 
as you can see his initials are the only letter type repeated & they're the largest.
my favorite it probably the G- a race track with hot wheels :) 
i also really like the yarn-wrapped W
one letter is not finished... can you tell...? 
i was suppose to wrap the C in a Colorado map. never happened. 
but really, i am very proud and really love this thing!

talked about the crib & bedding. 
and that's exactly what i did :) 
the crib was a gracious gift from my parents. 
i love that bumper. 
the only difference between when i first decorated the room & now...
is this cute boy standing up in that crib!

 talked about the dresser that would double as a changing table. 
craigslist for $35- check
painted my my lovely husband- check
adorable knobs from ikea for $2.99- check

i didn't have any other Nursery Decorate posts... 
but i did a bunch of other really great things for his nursery... 

including this mobile made from paint chips:

this glider i got off craigslist for $35:
i just recovered the foot rest & made a matching pillow :) 
the nightstand table i got from ikea for $19.99 and the lamp from target for $16

 i love the bedding i got for the extra bed. ikea! (don't remember price)

here's the reading nook: 
"bookshelves" ie ikea spice racks painted orange
all his stuffed animals
and a bucket full of books!
(plus a fan)

and lastly, the bookshelf:
this is obviously only one shelf. 
but i took a bookcase we already owned, my dear husband painted it white,
and i mod podged scrapbook paper onto the back. 
it's probably one of my favorite things in the room!

so that's the breakdown of sweet Joshua's nursery. 
once we move and set it up again, i'll some new pictures :) 

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