about busynes...

Well, first of all I think busyness looks like it is spelled wrong... but that's besides the point.

My friend Adam is talking about on his blog HERE. And it got me thinking... What is all this busyness we've got going on? What is it doing to our lives, our marriages, our families? And how do we stop it? Or are we even supposed to stop it?

Let's take a look at this weekend... I would have to say it's pretty busy.
Friday: 7:30am-4:30pm work
Friday evening: PRHS Football Auction {supporting my brother's football team}
Saturday morning: watching my friends kiddos so they can help some friends move
Saturday afternoon: bridal shower for my soon-to-be cousin-in-law Jaimie
Saturday evening: brother's football game
Sunday morning: church
Sunday afternoon/evening: family & relaxing time
{holiday} Monday morning: husband & friend run half-marathon
Monday afternoon/ evening: cousin's wedding

So that's my weekend. Is it busy? Or is it just full of the people I love & doing stuff I love? Where's the line between family/community/healthy activity/etc and BUSY?
Romans 12:2- "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect"
So I guess in everything that is going on this weekend I should ask myself, Am I conforming to the world? Have I sought God's will in this?

There have been times in my life when my busyness was all consuming, overwhelming, frustrating, irritating, and detrimental to what matters most to me. But I feel like when I ask myself is this busyness what God wants for my life right now, I have to answer with a yes.
Sure, I could stay home tonight & sit in the quiet, but I wouldn't be supporting those I love most. Sure, it would have been easier to tell my friend I can't want to watch her kids because I needed some time, but that wouldn't be blessing anyone. Sure, I could skip out on the shower and wedding, but I would miss out on seeing and celebrating with my great family.

And it goes beyond just this weekend. In this season of life, it would be easier to not be in two great woman's studies or be at every AlethiaYouth event or family dinners or later nights with friends all the while trying to grow a baby and start a business. Yes, doing none of that would be easier. But what is more glorifying?
For now, I think it's doing all of that. Come baby, I think it will all change. And that will be good.
But right now, in this season God has us busyness. Busy with family, friends, church, school, and other stuff. And I pray that within that busyness I never lose sight of Him and His will for my life.

So really that answers nothing and probably helps no one. I guess I'm just trying to figure out all of this life and process what His will in my life really is...

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