bucket list?

lately a list of sorts has been keeping me up late at night. I suppose it is a "bucket list" [even though I didn't particularly enjoy the movie (Manny cried)]. It is a list of things I want to do...someday. Obviously some things are going to happen a lot sooner than others but I figure this was an appropriate place for me to make this list, add to it, and not lose it. [I lose everything]

- see the penguins in Argentina
- swim with sea turtles!!!
- camp for more than a week
- read through the entire Bible
- be a Mom
- throw my parents an AWESOME 25th anniversary party/weekend
- be more creative/artsy/ eclectic [working on this currently]
- renovate a house
- live in a bungalow, circa 1920
- teach high school history
- NEVER drive a van
- hike a 14-er
- travel to Holland: visit relatives, go to a Holocaust concentration camp, study history there
- travel to South Africa: do missions there
[added 2/7/2011] - go to Superbowl or BCS National Championship game!

ok that is all for now.
Happy Bucket Listing. [I kind of hate that term]

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  1. uh oh, you said NEVER. that means you have van in your future, sister.